Thursday, September 10, 2009


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Friday, August 21, 2009

Andy Dick responds to recent allegations regarding Jon Lovit

I think andy dick feels guilty for phil hartman's death. We don't think its your fault andy, but she did have a problem, you may not have helped, but it seems she was too deep into it. This is such a sad story.

Young Phil Hartman in The Gong Show Movie

This is a really old clip sorry about the quality...

Phil Hartman as Charlton Heston: "Sex" on Tape

Fuggen hilarious, i couldnt have seen it done better by anyone else. where's the full clip? does anyone seriously know? I've been trying to find it for over 2 years!!!! please send me the full clip of this skit or direct me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phil Hartman proves he can get a job on Arab radio

He proves it well ROFL!

Slice - Phil Hartman

Phil hartman does a sprite commercial....He was always so damn full of energy and such a down to earth guy.

Homeland Security Advice - Phil Hartman


CD-I Commercial With Phil Hartman Pt 1

Man phil hartman loved his video game commercials, he did cdi and atari!

In Memory of Phil Hartman

Awesome tribute to phil hartman done on YouTube, almost brought tears to my eyes. Good Job AmoLAZucca We here at phil hartman appreciate it very much!

Phil Hartman, Alcatraz Tour Guide - So i married an axe murderer

He did great at this role, i loved him so much. Mike Myers was good in this movie, i would have never thought it was that biyatch rose!

Phil Hartman Goodbye

Very sweet video rendition of a cute goodbye to Phil Hartman, even though we never really got to say one. Such a sad story.

Phil Hartman as Frank Sinatra NBC "Mad About You" commercial

Phil Hartman kills it as frank sinatra! Hes even got the peacock girls!

Phil Hartman Wigs Out for Hockey for Atari 2600

Phil Hartman loves that Ice Hocket game for Atari 2600, he like totally freaks out....I miss phil hartman :-(

A Tribute to Phil Hartman

Phil Hartman a true legend of SNL. Taken from us for no reason.

Phil Hartman Freaking out and Throwing things

Lovely Phil Hartman scene in a real funny movie i think.

Credit Card Ad

Roseanne and phil hartman on an SNL skit, awesome stuff....Kept me laughing.

Phil Hartman audition

Phil Hartman figured we would start here.....from SNL

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In memory of Phil Hartman Actor/Comedian

We love you phil hartman. You will be eternally loved thanks to SNL. A True genius. What a loss...